Books truly are judged by their covers by most purchasers.

The best-written book or the most beautifully crafted story often suffers from poor design or illustration, harming its appeal and marketability.  After all the work you’ve put into writing it, you can’t afford to skip this important step. This is the place where so many self-published author fail!

If you are asking any of the following questions or similar questions, then our design and illustration services are for you:

  • I have written or am completing a book but need some design in the layout, including chapter design, illustration, jacket design or cover design.
  • I need my book to be put into final file format to hand off to my printer.

Based on your project or topic, the award-winning book designers at Satiama Writers Resource can illustrate and design your book or assist you with finding an illustrator that is appropriate for your book project. We will work closely with you to deliver an illustrated or well-designed manuscript that results in high resolution, print-ready files according to the specifications you provide from the printer or publisher you have chosen or specifications that we help you to craft.

We will design the interior of your book using Adobe InDesign for the book size of your choice. Our design services will avoid the “self-published” look that often characterizes self-published projects, giving them a . Our goal is to design and/or illustrate your book in a manner that is pleasing to your reader and also greatly increases its marketability.

Our design services include key elements such as pagination and typography, chapter design, front and back cover, spine, and jacket design. Please plan to deliver your final manuscript (both edited and proofread) in Microsoft Word format. Based on several telephone conferences with you to gather up your design ideas and preferences, we will ask for your review and approval of a small sample before we proceed with the project in full. Material or substantive changes after sample approval may result in additional charges.

Our price will be based on the final number of pages, chapters, graphical style and number of desired interior images.

Please call us at 719.487.0424 to discuss our award-winning services.