At different times in our lives, we all need a bit of help — someone who can bring a new perspective to our work which helps us to reach a new pinnacle.

Wherever you are in your writing process, Satiama Writers Resource can provide professional writer mentoring, editorial assessment, and a range of editing services for your book manuscript from experienced editors and published authors.

A service package will be customized to your project needs and the word count of your manuscript. Our mentoring, editorial, and editing services are provided by seasoned editors and authors who are well versed in bringing a manuscript forward to become a successful literary offering.

Editing services are based on several factors: type of manuscript, the complexity of the material, and the type and level of editing needed or requested. If your manuscript is finished or nearly finished, our menu of editing services outlined below might be most appropriate.

The main goal of all editing is to allow your message or story line, through your writing, to shine through. We will use the AP Stylebook or Chicago Manual of Style unless you want us to apply another standard. All documents must be submitted in digital Microsoft Word format. Word count is based on Word’s ‘word count’ feature.

Editing Services

Manuscript Analysis  $300 (10,000 words)

In this first step, we will assess both the technical aspects and the vision, concept and content of your writing. Manuscript analysis and evaluation includes an overview of the main editorial concerns, noting where they appear in the manuscript. This service provides an overarching analysis and critical assessment of your book or manuscript that will help you recognize areas for improvement or amendment that could help your book reach its intended audience and succeed in a crowded marketplace. We will provide feedback about your writing mechanics including grammar, punctuation, capitalization, syntax and word choice. Our professional opinion about your book’s potential for commercial success will be based on subject matter, approach, style, and engagement. We will also provide a final recommendation for the level of copy editing needed.

Once a manuscript analysis is conducted, we may recommend one of the following editing packages, depending on the needs of your manuscript or project. If you don’t yet have a manuscript and just need help getting started, our Individual Writer Mentoring service below might be an ideal way to move forward toward your goals.

Basic Copy Editing  $4 per page

We will provide line-by-line copy editing that also includes everything provided in our Proofreading Service below. We will also provide assistance with the overall structure of the manuscript. Basic copy editing will address questions such as “Is the writing clear? Does it make sense? Is the word choice appropriate? Are there any redundancies or inconsistencies in plot, narration, or character? Are characters and situations believable?”

We will make comments and questions in the margin of the document that address these issues and more. For non-fiction works, we’ll also discuss the manuscript’s flow and sequence of content, clarity of communication and the pitching of the level of the language to the intended audience.

Light copy editing consists of double-checking accuracy of grammatical issues such as spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. Medium copy editing includes heavier lifting, such as correcting flow and clarity, and re-working some of the text. This service is appropriate for manuscripts that require attention to basic writing mechanics but is not appropriate for manuscripts that require greater attention to sentence structure, organization and content.

Heavy Copy Editing $8 per page

Some manuscripts require a deeper level of editorial attention than basic copy editing provides. In addition to correcting spelling, punctuation and grammar, the editor will make specific recommendations to clarify meaning, promote consistency, and smooth the flow of the text. The editor might re-structure some paragraphs, or heavily correct style, flow, and grammar. This level of copy editing is an appropriate choice for manuscripts of greater complexity or when some fact checking may be required.

Content & Substantive Editing  $10 per page

This service is recommended for manuscripts that need extensive structural and organizational work at the word, sentence, and paragraph levels. In addition to addressing mechanics, the editor will make recommendations to improve the manuscript’s overall composition and strengthen technical elements in the writing. This level is more intensive and can include some content creation where things have been left out. Some sections may need to be rewritten for clarity. This service can be an ideal choice for some first-time authors.

Developmental Editing  $60 per hour

An editorial coach works with an author to develop ideas—or to further develop a manuscript if it already exists—into a coherent, readable work. Developmental editors are most commonly used for non-fiction works, and less commonly for fiction, although a developmental editor can help a novelist organize, sharpen, and tighten a manuscript so that the characters and dialogue are believable, the plot coherent, and the setting appropriate. We will set up a Skype or telephone session with you, followed by a written analysis, to discuss elements such as organization, readability, and the enjoyable nature of the material, in addition to other core elements.

Final Proofreading  $3 per page

An experienced editor will check for spelling errors, typos, punctuation problems, capitalization errors, and awkward grammar. If the manuscript has been peer-reviewed, reviewed by a writers’ group, or has undergone several drafts, this service may be the best match. Proofreading eliminates cosmetic errors and is the easiest level of editing. It is often the last step in the writing/editing process. It is not meant to be comprehensive or to rework or rearrange content. We recommend proofreading as a final step before your book is designed and printed. Our page count is based on not more than 250 words per page.

Individual Writer Mentoring  $70 per hour

Are you having trouble getting started or moving forward with your book project? Are you feeling lost or confused as you work through your writing process? Do you want to work alongside a seasoned and experienced author as you ‘birth’ your book?

Writers come to us at different stages. We believe writers will benefit most from our mentoring services when they have written up to a hundred pages of the manuscript and have the rest of an idea mapped out, or are open to what direction the story might take. At this stage a mentor’s input can be most beneficial.

We will assign an experienced author/editor or editor to work with you who has the background to guide and support you through your creative process. Four mentoring sessions of about one hour each, conducted by phone or Skype, and including manuscript review of 10,000 words or less at a time, will occur over a time frame to be established with you. Your mentor will propel you forward in your process, establish goals and assignments, and review your work on a regular basis, to help you move forward to completion. Writer mentoring does not include editorial and editing services, discussed above.

If you have written a little but feel stuck, have a partial manuscript and need guidance, or just need a coach to help you along the way, our Individual Writer Mentoring Services are likely for you. If your manuscript is in progress, we will review up to 40 pages (10,000 words) at a time, providing professional assessment and feedback within three weeks. Depending on the project involved, we will also provide a telephone or Skype mentoring session of about 90 minutes per 10,000 words submitted.

Please give us a call at 719.487.0424 to discuss pricing and to schedule this important service.