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Want to grow your story idea into a completed book?

Satiama Writers Resource offers a set of services for writers at any stage; whether you have a completed manuscript, need mentoring to finish your book, are ready to print or publish or need strategic marketing assistance or distribution, we can help you along your path.

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At different times in our lives, we all need a bit of help — someone who can bring a new perspective to our work which helps us to reach a new pinnacle.

Wherever you are in your writing process, Satiama Writers Resource can provide professional writer mentoring, editorial assessment, and a range of editing services for your book manuscript from experienced editors and published authors.

A service package will be customized to your project needs

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Once your book is written, getting it printed is the next step toward bringing your book forward.

There are many choices to make, but without prior experience in the publishing industry, the choice path can be filled with potential hazards. Many new writers are often initially drawn to print-on-demand services because they appear to offer many benefits. What new writers don’t know or understand are the many pitfalls that can accompany these services. If you are asking yourself any of the following questions, then this service package is for you…

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Not every author has available financial reserves to self-publish a book. What can you do if this describes your situation?

One way that authors frequently raise money to pay for their book production is to pre-sell as many copies, prior to production, as possible through an organized crowdfunding program. If you need to raise funds to proceed with your book, Satiama Writers Resource can assist you with a crowdfunding program

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Without an organized marketing plan, even the very best new book won’t be seen by the public.

Sales of a new title are directly proportional to an author’s ability to bring the title into national awareness. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of new titles being published each year. Your book must cut through the ‘noise’ of those many new books to reach its intended readers. Without an organized, well-planned market approach, this might be quite difficult. With the right focus, it is not difficult at all.

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Books truly are judged by their covers by most purchasers.

The best-written book or the most beautifully crafted story often suffers from poor design or illustration, harming its appeal and marketability. After all the work you’ve put into writing it, you can’t afford to skip this important step. This is the place where so many self-published author fail!

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Award-Winning Books

Satiama Writers Resource helps our authors through the awards application process for multiple award programs, where they often receive the awards they so richly deserve!  SWR...

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Highest Mentoring Skills

As a first-time author, I felt overwhelmed about where to begin to make my vision come alive in book form. However, after I met Karen and outlined my literary goals, she came out swinging with her talents of the highest mentoring skills and organizational excellence. Karen deftly helped me map the direction to a finished product that I am very proud and confident to present as my message.  Theodora Christine, author, Reaching Across Eternity

An Exceptional Editing Experience

‘Working with Satiama Writers Resource has brought out new meaning in my relationship to my novel. The editing process can be discouraging and dangerous for a writer, as words could become so butchered to the point that the author loses their voice. Working with Karen at Satiama Writers Resource has been nothing short of an enriching experience–she has honored my voice as a writer, has respected the magic of my story, and has helped me highlight and strengthen my own vision in a way that has more clarity and potency. Karen has been honest throughout the process, not simply reading my novel and editing it as a removed individual but rather, reading it and re-reading it with a dedication to the novel as if the story belonged to her as well. I feel lucky to have trusted my book to Satiama Writers Resource and I am more in love with my novel today, thanks to Karen.”  ~Paula de Olivera Santos

A win-win partnership

Want to get your message and creations out in the world but don’t know where to start or overwhelmed? Satiama Writers Resource provides professional, affordable and effective solutions that help authors build a foundation, a following and make strategic decisions for success.  You are unique and so are your needs and Satiama’s approach with a la carte services allows you to co-create a  win-win partnership and adjust and adapt as your success unfolds.  Collaboration is the key and Satiama makes it easy!   Barb Horn, co-author, Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards

Distributors for my product as well as sales on Amazon!

Working with Karen and Satiama Writers Resource was a game changer for me and my Sacred Wealth Code products. She took the confusion and overwhelm out of getting my oracle card deck and journal printed, so I was able to swiftly bring them to market. Because of their knowledge and professionalism in all aspects of publishing and marketing I was able to get distributors for my product as well as sales on Amazon. And have made a great friend in the process. If you are looking to get your book written or move it out in the world Karen and Satiama Writers Resource can help you!
Prema Lee Gurreri, creator and author, Your Sacred Wealth Code:  Unlock Your Soul Blueprint For Purpose & Prosperity

Valuable Guidance

Karen Stuth at Satiama Writers Resource is incredibly knowledgeable about publishing along with being easy to work with and extremely helpful. She has been available when needed,  always ready to give valuable guidance. In addition, all the Satiama products I have seen have been beautifully done.  Janet Geisz

High Professional Standards

High Professional Standards

“The successful publishing and marketing of my book was due in large part to the assistance I received from Satiama Writers Resource. They guided me through all stages of bringing my work to fruition, from editing to finished product to national marketing. The Writers Resource program places self-publishing on a high professional standard. ” ~Janet Boucher, award-winning author, Hold On, Toby!

They Made the Impossible Possible for Me!

They Made the Impossible Possible for Me!

“As a full-time artist and first-time author, I found myself floundering in the unknown sea that surrounds the publishing world when I began looking for a way to get my book idea published. Fortunately, because of a good friend’s business knowledge, I found myself meeting with Karen Stuth of Satiama Writers Resource who, simply put, has made the impossible possible for me!  From our very first meeting, Karen has provided step-by-step guidance in getting my book from ‘a wonderful idea’ to a published reality. And our journey together continues as she has not only has laid out a marketing plan for the book, but is playing a major role in bringing it into fruition. If I could ask for more, I would, but I just can’t think of anything that Satiama Writers Resource hasn’t already thought of! ~Dianna Cates Dunn, author, The Truths of Tula

Deep Publishing Experience

Karen Stuth’s and Satiama Writers Resources’s expertise and passion was key to many of the early successes of ConsciousStories.com.  She brought her deep publishing experience to many aspects of the business helping with editorial, design, marketing language, ad placement, newsletters, and growth strategy. Many of our long-term partners in trade, print, and marketing came from Karen’s introductions and have saved us money and grown our distribution. I thoroughly recommend a call to see if she can help you with your book business.

Andrew Newman, Conscious Bedtime Story Club

I Highly Recommend This Service

I Highly Recommend This Service

Satiama Writers Resources has guided me through the publishing of my first book, with a level of expertise and skill that truly helped me comprehend the process, which, of course can be quite daunting! I am not certain what I would have done without them, but fortunately for me, that was not the case. I highly recommend this service to all aspiring authors.~G.W. Wilkins, author, Apollo the Misguided Missile